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Indian baby foods or baby porridges

Baby care

Handcrafted porridges for babies from 6th month to 2 years. Only food but anything else.

Baby Food
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For Kids

Stonegrounded porridges & more with all natural ingredients for kids above 2 years

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Everyday Care

Everyday Care

Yes Nutreat is for  everyday & everyone, we love treating you with... 



Inspired from nature and curated lots of recipes according to our customer... 

Elder Care

Elder Care

We know you are special and your health needs special attention. We... 

Customize your Nutreat | Handmade foods


You are unique and so your requirements are ! Customize your Nutreat the way you love or require.

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Women Care

Hand blended Porridges, Concoctions & more for dear lady. Above 13 years.

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More than Porridges

Our rural women can handcraft many more in addition to Porridges. Handmade Cookies, Seasonal Jams & More.

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Customer Stories

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Monsoon Foods

It's an amazing practice that's all about harmonizing with the changing seasons. And today, we're diving into a cool concept called "ritucharya" – that's just a fancy way of saying "seasonal routine" in Ayurvedic speak. The hot air and dryness mess with the balance of two elements in our bodies – vata (that's air and ether) and pitta (that's fire and water).