Panjiri health benefits | Why not only for lactating or pregnant women?

Panjiri- Why not only for Pregnant women ? An Amazing healthy recipe

Panjiri, the word that resonates our traditional recipe heritage which is a power pack of nutrients and health benefits. 

Many men ask us your "Panjiri" tastes so good but why can't we take it? No ! You can have it and it's a must recipe for everyone. Why? Though Panjiri adds a great healthy benefits to women after delivery and helps in lactation, it got much more to give you like, 



Weight Loss(Management): Panjiri is curated with all nature's best ingredients that includes cumin, carom seeds & dry ginger which maintain the body temperatures and helps in great metabolism. There are many proven stories that claimed taking Panjiri everyday has reduced their weight and able to maintain a optimal one.


Immunity Booster: As a fully loaded recipe with ghee, nuts, raisins it is a natural immune booster that helps you fight with any kind of flu especially while lactating, for kids and for women after 40 years.


Energy Booster: Panjiri is complete nourishing recipe that is made of wheat and other protein rich ingredients (as by name 5 elements "Panch" ) which keeps us energy bombs through the day when taken early in the mornings. 


Lubricates the joints: Men or women after 35 tend to reduce lubrication in their joints due many reasons especially these modren days. Panjiri has got natural lubricants like Gond and Kamarkass Gondh which helps in refilling the fluids in the joints & improving the lubrication. Many obese kids are found to have great improvements in their body movements after using gondh. 


Hair & Skin Care: Due to many vitamin and mineral rich ingredients in the recipe especially Vit-E and A, Panjiri is believed to show a glowing skin and hair when regularly consumed.


      Now do you really think this miraculous recipe is only for lactating mothers or pregnant women? Go get one to treat yourselves with the best traditional recipe for all your health needs.

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