• Porridge by Nutreat

    Porridge - Modern lifestyle's best friend

    "Hey buddy, what's the oldest dish that still exists in modern cuisine?"


    From serving as the first ever cooked savory for the primitive man to being served as the comfort food world wide, porridge is ever evolving and ever tasty food the modern-you need to embrace for an energetic cozy life.

    Porridge is any dish made by boiling ground wholegrains in milk or water. But porridge alone doesn’t have a very strong flavor. Although some people think this makes porridge boring, this is what makes porridge exciting!

    Make your own signature porridge!

    It is like a blank piece of paper – you can add almost anything you want to the porridge base. This is where the fun part starts! 

    Just imagine the infinite possibilities and the level of personalization you can do by adding any flavors from spices to sweets and fruits to vegetables, to make it your signature dish. You might even name a porridge after yourself.

    Seeds, nuts and dried fruits are very healthy options to add and can give you energy for the day. But if you don’t like these, or you’re allergic, then syrups and chocolate are also some yum options. For beginners, try out this delicious recipe


    Papeda porridge in three thrilling steps. Here we go

    Step 1: In a bowl add ¼ cup of powdered Sago, ¼ cup powdered Bajra and ¼ cup powdered Makhana to a bowl.

    Step 2:And add 1 cup of boiling milk to this mix by ensuring there are no lumps.

    Step 3: Next, comes the exciting part of toppings - throw in a handful of raisins, pistachios, walnuts and elaichi.

    Pro tip: Step up the porridge game by giving a final touch of rock sugar to taste.

    Blooming Benefits

    However, the soluble fiber in porridge is the real secret for its impressive health credentials. Know how porridge habit blooms your life...

    Porridge is the need of the hour because it can assist you in Increasing life span.

    Immune boost - Regular consumption of this form of fiber will lower the risk of obesity and speed up your metabolism, thanks to its beneficial role in insulin resistance and hypertension.

    Saving on time - Can be ready to eat within 10 minutes, exactly why it's called comfort food

    Capturing rich nutrients - One bowl of porridge offers more fiber than a slice of wholemeal bread. It's also rich in minerals including copper, iron and manganese.

    Feel fuller - Porridge is a power packed meal made easy to consume yet satiates any tummy bear.

    Due to rich absorption rate and slow cooking required time porridges offer you the best amounts of nutrients than any other recipes helping in weight loss, lowering blood glucose levels, lowering blood cholesterol levels and hydrated.


    Porridge can be a modern momma's best friend with a unique combination of instant nature with such versatile energy ingredients. Now what's stopping you? Come on try having a porridge a day and you can be sure that it keeps the doctor away.

  • Handcrafted porridges by Nutreat suitable for all. Baby porridges

    Nutreat Porridge Premixes

    So what exactly makes Nutreat porridges so perfect and delicious? It's our signature blending of the ingredients fixed according to the research and handcrafting in particular sequence of traditional handcrafting preserving more nutrients.

    What does our porridges have?

    In terms of nutrients we mix the carbs (real and not refined) with proteins, vitamins, minerals & micro-nutrient rich natural ingredients procured direct from the farmer without any adulteration.

    In terms of ingredients- we have our signature blending of whole grains(mostly sprouted) with seeds, dry fruits & spices according to the recipe.

    No preservatives or Yikes ! - HAHHa yes we don't add any artificial flavours or colors to enhance the tastes and also no preservative to improve the shelf-life.

    Suitable for- Most of the Nutreat Porridges are suitable right from 9th month baby to 80 year old, however you just need to check for any food allergy.