Why you should teach your kids?

Why should you teach your kids about local foods ?

In the age of globalisation, it is a tough job to create awareness on local produce, however one thing that creates great impact should be taught with great responsibility. So, Why should you start when they are still young?


It's about their physical health: As we all know, eating local and seasonal foods is the secret behind real health. Once kids get used to highly processed and packed foods they could never easily withdraw the habit of eating junk which may lead to many hormonal issues like obesity, PCOs, thyroid etc. Also there are several research articles cry out loud that packed foods weakens our immune system.


It's about their mental health: Alzheimer's, Dementia, mood disorders, depression, quite terrifying vocables right? Yes of course, as we pay less attention towards our gut health which is directly related to our brain health. When there is an inflammation in our gut it also affects our brain. So, teaching your kids how to keep their gut really clean & healthy is very important for their future mental health. 


It's about their Nation: Every citizen is responsible for their nation's growth & pride. Agree ! Teaching kids about our farmers and how they grow crop will certainly make them realise that they are even responsible for their country's economical growth and also supporting their community financially. 


It's about our mother earth: Buying non-local involves preservatives, transportation, pollution, and tremendous over usage of natural resources which is not sustainable for our future generations. Also a very importantly we can enjoy the real and best taste of the food. 


All these can't be achieved overnight, however involving kids in cooking, eating together, visiting local markets and special local food activities (Nutreat does it every 6 months), talking about farmers and other communities related to food can certainly stimulate the cause. 




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