Gift your loved ones

Gifting is a form of expressing love & care. When you want to gift your dear ones with the best what can be more perfect than something which do all good from inside? Gift handcrafted Nutreat to them whom you care most to sparkle with health.

  • What should I pay?

    It's nothing! Yes absolutely free !

  • What can I gift ?

    Select anything that worth upto 600/- (only one itme) from our entire store.

  • To whom can I gift

    To your most loved ones ! You can gift one handcrafted goodie to one best person in your life. Of course you are the best but you can't gift to yourself ;)

  • How many times I can gift?

    Only one time please, but the person whom you have gifted can gift to some other :)

  • What if I want to gift more than one person?

    Please write us here and tell us why you want to gift it more with the subject "I want to gift more"

  • Conditions

    Billing and Shipping address should be different.

To whom we should send the gift? (Here you have to mention why they worth gifting Nutreat & their address )