23 varieties in 2023 for your Baby!

23 varieties in 2023 for your Baby!

Milk Mate for Weaning


Many parents are really anxious about getting their child to try out new food textures. They frequently wonder when a child ought to quit eating purees totally. With regards to textures during weaning, there isn't only one single method towards. Furthermore, HOW you offer your child their most memorable food varieties will truly rely on how sure you are and furthermore the way that your child takes to weaning.

Welcome the next year by introducing 1 texture per week so that your baby also will be a part of this new year's celebration

It's totally reasonable that a few families are a little worried about offering thicker and uneven textures to children. Up until we begin offering strong food sources, most children have drunk nothing aside from milk - a fluid without any knots. When solids start to be presented, anything that strategy for weaning you pick, it's a whole different story.


Baby Mash for Weaning


We are making it easy for you with this simplest Texture Guide (for longer version you can always refer this write up)

         Thin Puree

                              Thick  Puree

                                                      Mashed food

                                                                              Chopped Veggies & Fruits

When can I introduce textured foods?

When it comes to beginning solid food sources, you don't need to begin with a really thin puree. A squash would do if the baby looks accepting towards this texture. Or you can go straight in with finger food varieties if you prefer Baby Led Weaning.

This thin puree or Uggu Stage 1 can be moved on from quickly.

Why should I introduce textures?

Weaning is simply transition from liquids to family habituated foods. Research shows that acquainting the baby with a variety of food textures earlier will enable the baby with a powerful gut and acceptance to food variety. Longer the texture practice and experience, better their acceptance.

As adults we simply have to follow the concept of "Familarity is key to acceptance" 

Skills such as munching and chewing can only be acquired with experience and exposure to progressively firmer food textures. We can suggest that exposure to lumpy foods before 9 months may be beneficial. Bonus is this practice improves Cognitive Skills to unimaginable levels!

Rich Textured porridge for Weaning

How would I get my child to eat textured food?

Choking is totally typical and in early earliest stages (and toward the beginning of weaning). A child's gag reflex is in the center region of the tongue/mouth. As child is presented to new food surfaces during their weaning process the gag reflex begins to move further towards the rear of the tongue. In this way choking generally happens less as child gets more knowledgeable about food.

We can observe these common feeding behaviours

1.) Suckling

2.) Sucking

3.) Munching

4.) Chewing

Early munching behaviours are seen between 4-7 months of age. Chewing usually starts to occur from around 7 months of age – when baby’s tongue starts to be able to move foods around the mouth more effectively.

Ultimately, it’s important to offer lumps & finger foods to baby, even from early on during weaning. Then keep progressing to firmer lumps/textures and finger foods to help baby cope and to develop the skills needed for eating. So why not make this 2023 a versatile one for your beloved munchkin 😉

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