5 best natural foods during Pregnancy (especially during monsoons)

5 best natural foods during Pregnancy (especially during monsoons)

A pregnant women needs an immense support from her family as well as the society. Our traditions and beliefs offers her the best support & care during her pregnancy and after birth indisputably. 

Find out few unboring recipes that nudges you to love our traditional clues for a safer & healthy pregnancy especially during monsoons.


Saffron: An adulterated saffron to protect you from high BP, Mood swings, high cholesterol, allergies and always to make you sleep tight. 

Best way to have with: Desi cow milk or homemade desserts. 


Turmeric: A natural anti-inflammatory ingredient also to prevent constipation, boost your immunity, prevent allergies, boost your collagen levels, balance the sugar & cholesterol levels.  

Best way to have with: Kichadi, Desi Cow milk, Dal.


Panjiri: An Indian traditional delicacy made with dry nuts, makhana and gond especially is a wholesome recipe that boots up your immunity, calcium, iron and other vitamins especially during monsoons and also helps in good lactation after pregnancy

Best way to have with: Desi cow milk or as laddoo or with roti. 


Gulkhand: An antioxidant, an immune booster, body coolant is a gift by nature which also prevents constipation during pregnancy and also induces good sleep. 

Best way to have with: Desi cow milk before sleep


Panchamrutham: An age old recipe to increase the immunity as well as to maintain a great gut health is advised to have during all the trimesters in Indian vedas for intelligent & healthy baby. All that you need to add equal portions of pure milk, curd, honey, sugar and jaggery and consume it early in the morning everyday. 

Best way to have: In the morning 1 tbs.


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