Are you really Cooking or Heating?

Are you really Cooking or Heating?

Hey Mithrama!

Winter is here, so my Grandpa diving deep into his nostalgic youth shared a core memory

"Waking up early to cuddle with the Sun with a sesame oil seasoned body for that long lasting moisture and sipping into a piping hot cup of coffee, well I preferred porridge for this daily ritual"

Hearing this, I sooo want to try this, but is it really possible in our 5G gen?

Waking just in time to dress up and run to catch the office bus, while compromising on a filling breakfast. I wonder if we even stand a chance in our ultra fast paced routines which are dominated by Swiggy, Zomato and OTT binging

"Barkat" book by Chef Vikas Khanna, the Seagull & visionary behind Feed India, has a dedicated chapter for his grandma's love filled warm recipes and the affection, dedication she pours into every aspect of creating the dishes. "Food is a healing factor" she believed

And I keep hearing from elders about how specialty dishes and skillful cooking were the pillars of social interactions and strengthened bonds. Even my day isn't complete without my mom's coffee

All this makes me wonder if we can pull off such affectionate meals and full fledged attention towards our beloved 

'Chef's hand is the soul of a dish', okay besides nostalgia I think this is the huge underlying factor of mighty immunity.

We might think "My kid is addicted to Maggie and is not even looking at any other food" . Let's remember that Maggie is also made by the same hands, but what matters is the bonding that's poured into, isn't it? 

Even meal time has become like "I Scream, You Scream, we both make Icecream" because of the noise pollution like 'baby shark du du du du' & many other gadgets that crowded our house.

Baby under 1 year age ready for meal time with Nutreat

Just try & imagine you're a kiddo playing with your favourite toy running around the room, but your mom keeps telling you about new things or hums a tune while feeding you one spoonful at a time. What a priceless feeling!

Well here are a few modernized Winter Porridges (Taniya Congee , Skinny Congee & Sari are my absolute favourites!) to entice your winter cravings with just a little time of attention and yet a power packed meal to fight the winter jitters

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