• Loose weight naturally with a Porridge

    Lose weight naturally with a "Porridge"

    A myth "No Carbs to lose weight" has been the new fashion these days. However running after un-sustainable ways of losing weight will be the real myth on long run.

    Carbs have very bad reputation for bombarding the sugars. However carbs doesnot mean refined & highly processed foods like maida, sooji etc. We have really good carbs that release the sugars slowly and even help in weight management by keeping us full for a long time like whole grains.

    Porridges are such recipes that have whole grains and which requires very less time to cook preserving all the micro-nutrients, vitamins, protein and good carbs.

    Due to less cooking time a "Porridge" while providing all the above nutrients it keeps us full for a longer by releasing the sugars very slow.

    Porridge Premix that you can prepare for weight loss-

    Sprouted ragi - 1 cup

    Sprouted green gram - 1 cup

    Sprouted chick peas - 1/4 cup

    Sprouted barley - 2 tbs

    Soaked and peeled almonds- 10

    Roasted walnuts - 10

    Jeera - 1 tbs

    Dry ginger powder - 1 tsp

    Preparation: Sun dry all the ingredients for about 3-4 days except almonds, walnuts, jeera & ginger powder. When they are completely dried slow roast them in a shallow pan and then add remaining ingredients. Now grind (Stone grind if possible) into fine powder. Store in air-tight container. You can save this for more than a month if properly preserved.

    How to use: Take 200ml of water in a bowl and boil it. Meanwhile prepare a paste of the above premix with water and add this to the boiling water. Cook on low flame for about3-5mins and add salt if preferred.

    *Have this porridge everyday early in the morning with an hour after you wake up. You need not skip your breakfast but reduce 1/4th quantity to accommodate this porridge. Also have the same porridge in between 4-5 as a snack. You may also replace with other porridges.

    Having porridge daily will help in slow release of sugars which keeps you full for a longer time avoiding junk and extra dosage of foods.

    ProTip: Compliment your porridge with onion & chilli for a traditional touch or a homemade cracker or a fruit or dry nuts for a sweet versions.