• Bhargavi - Hyderabad

    " Superb healthy products.Handcrafted traditionally And the way they personalize our products according to our wish which is amazing.All the products r preservative free ,mostly organic nd local.best option for baby foods. Thank u jyothi for making our babies healthy "

  • Prashanthi Reddy - Hyderabad

    As my daughter born with low weight i was so much worried about weight gain, so with my cousin advice i started using Nutreat products. They are very fresh ,handcrafted with no preservatives.my daughter enjoys lot. I used raagi almond, sathumavu, uggu 1&2 stages. Nutreat food is good for entire family ,mainly reduces the burden of mother with the good varieties of food to kids. The way they receive the customer makes me happy ..thanks for u & team for making my kid healthier .. I hope it becomes every ones choice.

  • Lavanya P - Tanuku

    At present in our day today life we are high in technology but very poor in our health conditions due to the fertilizers used to produce our vegetables, groceries. At the same time I find a unique founder mss Jhothi garu as she started Nutriet as a gift for this generation kids,women. I am very much impressed with there products, packing of their stuff. They prepare groceries by hand grinding and in traditionally ways with so much of love.​

  • Sindhura A - Bangalore

    I was diagnosed with GDM during pregnancy and I generally avoid packaged food which has more preservatives than nutrients. Then Jyothi came to my rescue and customized protein porridges according to my stagewise requirements all through my pregnancy. This helped me to sail my pregnancy smoothly. The porridges are healthy and tasty and the most important part is those are crafted with utmost love and care with primitive techniques.During that time only I decided that I will introduce my baby to nutreat foods as those are homemade and crafted the way which I always wanted to do.
    I started nutreat food for my baby and she is really enjoying it. As a working mom I am really concerned about , how I am going to prepare and introduce baby to varieties of foods . But Jyothi has took utmost care and customized baby porridges and included all types of dry fruits,millets,grains... and prepared with different textures so that baby can explore and enjoy all the types.
    I recommend to try nutreatlife products to imbibe healthy lifestyle for everyone and especially for kids as they will be introduced to all healthy foods at young age.

  • Dr.Vijetha - Eluru

    " Hi Jyothi, I'm so grateful for you bcoz my baby is healthy especially during this lockdown we  were really tensed.  Its not that we are praising you but we feel self satisfied, as before Nutreat Vidhu never slept peacefully but now she is healthy & happy just because of Nutreat."

  • Sri Ram- Vizag

    My relation with NUTREAT was like a treat to my Healthy life.I was blessed to have both Your Foods and Guidance. to build myself Health Awareness. I have fallen in Love with your foods. I have sacrificed good food to “treat” myself and fulfill my hunger in the past, but i have found such satisfaction with awesome foods products, that i no longer need to eat the junk. I had to tell you how much i enjoy this stuff. It really is so good! i have never been so satisfied by these type of foods. I always has time to dedicate to preparing healthy food for myself, I appreciate you! keep making great products.

  • Ningku L - Nepal

    ""As someone who rarely writes reviews or testimonials; the fact that I felt compelled to write this, is a testament to the amazing products and outstanding customer service I have always received from Nutreat. Whenever I wanted a specific product Jyothi use to guide me with the best according to the season and my baby. Its more than homemade food and its totally a personalized experience you will have from the team"

  • Chaitanya- Delhi

    "Amazing taste,flavours that itself shows how genuine the products are"

  • Pushpalatha Reddy K- Bangalore

    "Firstly, let me appreciate the efforts put in by Jyothi and her team in bringing healthy and nutritious products to everyone. Nutreat is providing very good opportunity to rural women and with women's empowerment, the productivity of the family and entire society improves. Coming to products of Nutreat, we have tried almost all the products introduced by Nutreat and happy to share that every product is worthy and crafted with the best ingredients"

  • Valli Pallavi- Scotland

    "My baby's day starts with Nutreat and ends with it. Thankyou Jyothi & team for curating such healthy & traditional recipes. Had tried all most all the recipes and I just donno what to shortlist. This will be my all time fav brand"

  • Vidya- Vizag

    "The way they craft customized baby foods is simply awesome. My baby loves customized ragi which we both worked together and Nutreat gave us what exactly what I wanted"

  • Preethi-Hyderabad

    The products are real boons to mothers & of course kids in these days.

  • K Maanasvi- Kerala

    As these days are of pandemic , I leave aside any parcel at the basement for 3 - 4 days,  later I pick it.  Today I received a parcel from nutreat . But I picked it up without any hesitation as I trust and believe them .Coming to the point what I received in the parcel is Nutreat home made cookies . Just while unscrewing the small tin the aroma was fantastic it will make us mouth watering , lip smacking 😋  . Also the cookies are too good to leave uneaten . They are oil free , but I can feel the taste of  jaggery , ghee , .....  We can have it with tea also . However people who are using the Nutreat products do  taste the Nutreat cookies too . Never miss the cookies . Also my kudos to the nutreat team for such good idea of home made cookies so that we can skip the chips and other fast foods and junk foods .

  • Deepthy G- Bangalore

    I'm using NUTREAT for my 2yr old son almost since he is 7 months old. I'm very happy and can confidently say that I have taken right decision by choosing Nutreat.I feel NUTREAT is better than homemade baby cereals, as it is all about the right mix of all healthy organically grown ingredients in right proportions followed by natural and traditional way of preparation which makes it more nutritious.Jyothi is always cheerful and helps to make correct choices and also customises food as per baby's requirements.Glad that NUTREAT received many accolades and expanding its healthy products for all ages and for regular health issues. My best wishes and more success to Jyothi and whole Nutreat team.

  • Ashwin- United States

    I highly recommend this food for baby and adults.They prepare with organic ingredients and eco friendly food preparation, this is exactly what i am looking for my baby. We started giving this food for my baby from 6 months old.He loves the baby food. Also, i tried couple of soups and those yummy and healthy.

    Jyothi is very helpful in selecting the right baby products for our baby. She responds to your questions and ship your items on time. Good Luck!!

  • Sowjanya-Vijayawada

    Since iam using nutreat foods from past 7years, when my daughter is 7 months old, from that owards her daily food include with nutreat porridges, and many more... They are too tasty and yummy.. My daughter love especially halwa mix till now.... Nutreat products are genuine with out any artificial preservative.. Its not only good for babies.. Its good for whole family. Thanks jyothi garu.. For awesome foods

  • Sunitha Alluri- United States

    Jyoti got great thought to making of nutreat productr..really products are amazingly good.first thing I liked products very much because it was undoubtedly very pure without any preservatives and chemicals also. Totally home making by her own. I used the products of nutreat that protein potidge, dosa mix, and dryfruit halwamix..very tasty and healthy. Always we are ready to by for good food products if itsi expensive also. But nutreat is very pure. We didn't get chemical free products in market..So nutreat is the best choice.👍

    Nutreat baby foods are very good for small kids who searching for solid baby foods this is 👌 the best option..so everyone plz try and see.. thanks jyoti .

  • Harshini- Bangalore

    Great products. Tried the museli and it has become one of my favourites. My kids liked it too. It reminds me of my childhood were we used to eat lots of flakes. It's helping me. In weights loss too. Have tried protein powder as well, it's perfect for My husband who is a dryfruit lover. Metkut powder is also superb. Looking forward to try more products.

  • Fenil Parekh

    Say no to the baby food industry. Say yes to individualized freshly prepared baby cereals by Nutreat. Hand-picked ingredients, locally sourced, homemade, hand-pounded, zero preservatives & unbelievably nutritious. And all the products have one more secret ingredient 'LOVE'. Experience it once to believe it. God bless you Jyothi!

  • Priyanka Reddy- Kerala

    For some one like me who prefers food with no preservatives as well as made traditionally nutreat is a boon.jyothi Garu doing incredible work. My 5 year old loves your ragi almond nutreat .2

  • Madhuri- Hyderabad

    "I was really tensed about my baby's food till I start Nutreat Protein Porridge. With in 20 days we noticed little change and now he is like this:). I feel pleasure using Nutreat, we will never miss using It"

  • Sandhya

    "Nutreat reminds me of my grandma's food"

  • Alekhya- Bangalore

    "Nutreat reminds me of my grandma's food"