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We have framed our own way of preparing Nutreat with simple yet tasty recipes. However Nutreat is not such product that you can make only one recipe. Use your creativity & make delicious recipes our of it. Few shared here. You can share your recipes with Nutreat and tag us on your social media to win exciting offers on your next orders.
  • How to prepare a porridge | Nutreat baby cereal or Nutreat porridge   | Recipe guide


    Make comfort & yummy porridges or cereals with our handcrafted porridge premixes such as sathumaavu, protein rich porridge, sari etc that fill your stomach as well as your mind.


    1tbs Nutreat porridge premix

    200ml of Milk/Water

    Directions: In a bowl add 180ml of water/milk and boil, meanwhile make a paste out of porridge premix with 20ml of normal milk/water & add this to the boiling water/milk. Mix it without any lumps.


    Add jaggery when you make porridge with milk & salt when it is with water.

    Age wise:

    You can make perfect porridges as guided here.

  • How to make a baby cereal using Nutreat

    Baby cereal

    Make a smooth & easily digestible baby cereal which you can give at any time in a day to your baby crafted with 100% natural ingredients.


    Baby cereal premix: 2tbs

    Water - 75ml (add milk only after 8th month)

    Salt/Jaggery as per taste

    Ghee to topup


    In a bowl add water & boil. Meanwhile a smooth paste of the baby cereal. Now mix the paste to the boiling water & mix well without lumps. Cook for 4-5mins or till it is soft & add salt/jaggery as per taste. Topup with homemade ghee & feed the baby at room temperature.

  • How to prepare a Kichadi with Nutreat customized Kichadi premixes.


    Nutreat Kichadi premixes are crafted such as you can cook them as they are without even adding any other compliments. They are a blended with grain, pulses, seeds, nuts & spices to make your bowl complete & nourishing.


    Nutreat Kichadi Mix- 1 cup

    Water- 2 1/2 cups.

    Salt- as required

    Ghee to garnish

    Chopped vegetables- 1 cup (optional)


    In a Iron or Steel kadai, add the ghee (1tbs) and add all the chopped veggies. Add salt and cook them till soft. (You can skip this step if you prefer plain kichadi)

    Now add the water & let it boil. Add Nutreat Kichadi mix and mix well.

    Cook this for 8mins or till it is done on a medium low flame.

    Topup with ghee and enjoy with your favorite side dish.

  • How to prepare instant porridge

    Instant Porridge (or) Milk Mixes

    Nutreat Instant porridges or Milkmixes does not need any cooking, you can instantly enjoy them.


    Hot Version:

    Instant Nutreat porridge premix- 1 1/2tbs

    Milk- 200ml


    Add the porridge premix/ milk mix to the hot milk and mix well. Keep it aside for -3mins covered with a lid to enjoy the maximum taste. Add jaggery / Sugar as per your taste.


    Strain the fibre content if you feed the porridge to a baby or if you really can't enjoy the fibre.

    Cold Version:

    Just follow the above procedure and refridgerate the milk mix for 2-3 hours and serve after staining the fibre.

  • How to make a laddoo with Nutreat


    You can make delicious laddoos out of our handcrafted premixes such as Ragi bhog, Katlu, protein lite or any other premixes of our porridge.


    Nutreat Premix- 1 cup

    Ghee - 1/2 cup

    Jaggery- 1 cup


    In a deep bottomed and heavy pan add the ghee and melt. To this add the premix & roast for 8-10mins or till it is light brown in colour. This procedure should be done only on low flame. Now add the shredded jaggery to this and roll out into balls of required size.

    Tip: You can store these for about 10 days in a sir tight glass jar.

How to prepare a dosa with Nutreat


We have customized more than 3000+ dosa premixes that are instantly healthy. Find the direction to make a crispy dosa.


Nutreat dosa mix/ any porridge premix - 1 cup.

Sour Dahi/Curd -1/2 cup

Water- To get the consistency of dosa

Salt as per taste.


Mix all the ingredients without lumps & keep aside for 30mins to rest. Mix it well.

Heat the dosa pan & pour the dosa batter, spread. Roast till it is brown in color & flip. Let it be crispy & crunchy. Serve hot with side dish.

Tip: You can add the dosa premix to your regular dosa batter for soft dosa. 1:1 ratio.

How to make a pancake with nutreat


Enjoy instant delicious pancakes with Pancakes premixes.


Pancake premix: 1 cup

Milk/Water/buttermilk -1.5cups

Jaggery or salt- As per taste.

Egg (optional)


Mix well all the ingredients without lumps and heat the dosa pan.

If you want to add egg, beat it initially & then add to the mix.

Pour just like dosa but dont spread. cover it with a lid & cook for 2mins. Flip the pancake and cook for 2 more mins.

Serve it with honey or side dish of your choice.

Watch spicy bajra pancake recipe here.

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