Our Ingredients

In our relentless pursuit of culinary excellence, Nutreat demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the meticulous selection and sourcing of its fundamental ingredients. Among these carefully chosen elements are **naturally cultivated rice** and **brown rice**, harvested from the fertile terrains of **Lakkavaram, Andhra**. Our strategic collaborations with farmers in Karnataka provide us with access to the highest quality **Ragi (Finger Millet)**, while our supply chains for **Toor dal** and **Moong dal** are anchored in the bountiful lands of **Kandukuru, Andhra**. The prized **cashews** featured in our products hail from the thriving orchards of **Mori, Andhra**. To enrich our offerings further, we import premium-grade **almonds**, **walnuts**, and **saffron**, meticulously handpicked from the pristine fields of **Kashmir** and other distinguished sources.

However, Nutreat's commitment transcends mere sourcing; it extends to the artful curation of recipes that seamlessly align with the harvests of natural farmers who collaborate with us. Our ethos is deeply rooted in the promotion of natural and sustainable agriculture, establishing a steadfast marketplace for these exceptional crops.

Take, for instance, our creation **"Nourishia"**, which stands as an emblem of our unwavering dedication to farmers and the discerning health-conscious populace. This unique offering emerged from a fruitful collaboration with a **moringa farmer from Tamil Nadu**, where **moringa**, celebrated for its immune-enhancing properties, occupies a central role.

**"Seed and Nut"** serves as another testament to our holistic approach. This meticulously crafted porridge is designed to naturally bolster hemoglobin and calcium levels in the bloodstream. It stands as a testament to our partnership with diverse farmers in **Pune**, reinforcing our commitment to strengthening local agriculture.

Furthermore, we have "Ksheera," a millet-based smoothie and milk blend that offers a wholesome, all-natural alternative to traditional health mixes. This in-house creation underscores our dedication to supporting farmers engaged in organic millet cultivation in **Rayalaseema**.

At Nutreat, we firmly believe that the prosperity and advancement of our farmers are inextricably linked to the progress of our nation. Our vision revolves around curating the freshest and purest foods conceivable, achieved by sourcing crops directly from farmers, bypassing intermediaries. This approach not only guarantees unparalleled quality but also nurtures a virtuous cycle of support and sustainability, benefiting all stakeholders from cultivation to consumption.