• Referral Program

    "Our goal is to build a better society that is healthy both physically & emotionally. Those who liked our concept of handcrafting & sustainability can earn awards when your friends and family use your referral link/code to order eligible Nutreat products"

    At this point we are happy to offer rewards on our handcrafted premium products which you can share them to your friends & family through a unique referral code/link. Note that referrals cannot be added after an order is placed, and awards are granted.

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The person should be 18 years and above.

Registration as ambassador is mandatory for release of the funds.

Cannot be an employee associated with Nutreat or Sri Sloka group.


We introduce programs such as referral & affiliate in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. Please note that we may withhold awards where we believe customers are acting in bad faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program. To be clear, commercializing, advertising, publishing, mass distributing, selling or paying for use of referral links is not appropriate, and we will not honor such links. We cannot cover every nefarious scenario, nor will we attempt to, but we do promise to be fair and reasonable.

Not OK:



Anything misleading or annoying


YouTube channels

Informational & fan websites

Social media sharing

  • Nutreat Pocket money

    Claypot Pocket Money

    We believe that financial education of kids above 10 is mandatory for their healthy bonding with money in future. Many kids who were able to manage money during their childhood are proven as successful rich adults sensibly.

    Claypot Pocket Money is one such initiative to encourage kids above 10 to earn by themselves through their creatives.

    We also take this oppurtunity to educate and create awareness about oour traditions & sustainable living right from childhood and raising a responsible citizen.

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Kids can request any one of their choice from Nutreat product range and create their own promotional contents as mentioned below in the "Allowed" section.

Creatives should be submitted with 10 days after receiving the product.

Approved content will be paid INR.200.

Nutreat has all authority to decline the content which is considered as inappropriate and no pocket money will be released for such kind of creatives.


This program is only for the age group 10-22 years.

Should get registered for the enrollement with appropriate email id and phone number.


Recipe videos

Social Media Posts and tags

Articles with backlinks

Youtube channels

Tasting videos

Not allowed



Anything misleading or annoying.

Negative Commenting.