SAN (Something about Nutreat)

Why Nutreat:

Our concept is simple “Healthy but tasty”. We just want everyone to have healthy foods as they wish. Most of our products can be prepared as more than one recipe. We use selected organic rice & dry fruits that make the products more healthy & tasty. All ingredients we use are highly nutritious that helps us in preventing & fighting against certain health issues.
Brown rice: This is a proven food that promotes weight loss, a slow-release sugar ( good for diabetic)& holds naturally occurring oils( reduces the LDL). Moreover it is rich in fiber, Selenium & Manganese so reduces the chances of falling illness.

Dry fruits:We use Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Walnuts & groundnuts in our products which are proven to reduce heart diseases, anti-ageing, managing body weight, prevents hair loss, reduces the risk of cancer, reduces cholesterol, good for digestion, increase the hemoglobin levels.

Flax seeds & cinnamon:Flaxseeds are good source of healthy fats, antioxidants, and fiber; modern research has found evidence which suggests that flaxseed can also help lower the risk of diabetes , cancer, and heart disease.
Cinnamon is also a cancer preventer, good for diabetic, reduces body weight, osteoporosis, anti-microbial agent, reduces LDL, rich in anti-oxidants and many other benefits.

All these benefits made us to select the above ingredients in our preparations.

We use No preservatives:

We strongly believe that freshness of the food gives more benefits& more taste. So we don’t add any preservatives for preserving our products which may lower the goodness of the ingredients & may alter the taste also.

Nutreat is good for?

Nutreat is good for everyone who cares about their health & their loved ones. But for people with Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, who needs extra nourishment and kids who are fussy eaters & Dysphagia Nutreat gives extra options in their diet.

Who should not use Nutreat?

“Nutreat is for all”
Everyone can use Nutreat as it is purely natural without anyone preservatives & chemicals. So, people who are on diet restrictions, health conscious can have it. Kids who are fussy eaters, who don’t consume all kinds of foods, dysphagia can try Nutreat kids. However kids or adults who are allergic to dry fruits or allergic to certain foods like brown rice, cinnamon are advised to have Nutreat only after consulting your physician.

How can I use Nutreat products?

Nutreat for diabetic & Nutreat kids can be prepared as your regular Indian breakfast items like Idly, Dosa, Upma, Roti, Biryani, Kichadi& Halwa. Apart from these they can also be used for making pan cakes which are quite loved in the western parts. Plain Nutreat itself is tasty, however no recipe is restricted, “So be creative in using your Nutreat & enjoy it as you like”. Follow us on Facebook for our recipes.

No Preservatives? Then what about Shelf life!

Of course we don’t add preservatives, but the process we use for its preparation gives the shelf life of 6months to the product naturally.

How can I get Nutreat?

As we are much concerned about adding preservatives, we wanted to deliver our customers safe & fresh stock without preservatives& we don’t keep a huge inventory. So, you can directly get your Nutreat from us. Extra shipping charges are applicable. However certain orders above Rs800 are served free of shipping cost.