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Do you know Nutreat is the first brand to introduce the concept of health food (flour based) customization in Asia. We have customized 8000+ recipes till now since 2017.

How to customize your Nutreat
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Make your own recipe with "customise your Nutreat".  Select minimum 2 ingredients  or go ahead and choose all of them. Choose each attribute carefully as you prefer. Most of the grains are sprouted and it takes almost 1 week to craft your recipe.

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For what age group can I customize?

You can customize your Nutreat for 6th month baby or your lovely grandpa, it's for everyone and every age.

What are the recipes can I customize?

It all depends on the texture and ingredients you select. With a smooth flour you can make soft roti's as well as cake. Nutreat is versatile which allows your creativity to flow.

More about textures

We offer 3 different textures

Smooth Texture- This is silky soft flour with which you can make rotis, porridges, cakes, cookies, pancakes, laddoos and other special recipes in your mind.

Fine Texture- It is basically a very fine rava & can be used as baby cereals, puttu, dosa, upma or baby rice but it's not restricted.

Regular Texture- A rava consistency which can be used as kichadi mixes, upma or pongal etc. Kichadi premixes are our signature among this.

Can I mention ingredients not in your list?

Yes, but it depends on availability. However, we dont procure non-local crops.

When will I receive after the product customization?

Mostly within 4-5 working days. However if it is rainy season or required any special instructions may take 2 more days.

Can I check few examples?

Yeah sure visit the link

Not sure about customization?

Do not worry, we have specialists who can customize for you according to your preference or requirements.

Consultation worth 199/- is FREE now.

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