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Dates & Jaggery

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Do you know that date palms take 4-8 years after planting before the first harvest. And this precious dry fruit contains loads and loads of nutrients. This is our gift for kids & diabetes. Dates and jaggery instant mix is rich in iron and calcium and helps in blood purification. No preservatives &no flavors , it's a natural sweetener. We just changed its form ,not it's taste. Eat healthy & be healthy.


Dates & Jagery

Suitable for

above 6 months


Dates and jaggery can be added along with milk, tea and coffee

Shelf life

1 year from the date of blending.

Allergy Check

Check with the ingredients for allergy check

Inspired by Nature and your craving !

" We know you have a sweet tooth and nature has already blessed us with the best. Enjoy guilt free sweetener"

Nutritional Facts

Handground foods preserve 60% - 80% of nutritional value intact (while Modern machine processed foods can hold upto 12% - 18%)