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Nutreat Nourishia- Immunity Booster

A holistic nutritionist recipe for the kitchen of Nutreat with best ingredients possible from the nature to boost immunity. Though tough times its only our immunity that helps us to be brave and nature has given us the best & we made it through hands with Moringa, Tulasi and other spices.

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Moringa leaf,Tulasi,Amla leaf, Cloves,Bay leaf,Pepper,Turmeric Star ainse,Jeera,Shajeera and Cinnamon.

Suitable for

1 Year and above


Boil 200 ml water till it is 100 ml after adding 1/2tbs of nutreat concoction mix.Let it cool to room temperature,add honey & enjoy.

Shelf life

3 months from the date of handcrafting.

Allergy Check

Check with the ingredients for allergy check

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