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Aged rice & cashew

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Babies always don’t need the dense protein rich foods, sometime they do need the simple & soft. Nutreat ARC is your “No-fussy” food with basic required nutrients. Aged rice is easily digestible rice with nutrients like carbs, iron & little fiber and cashew is the ultimate simple dry fruits with maximum nutrients. 


Aged rice and Cashew

Suitable for

7 Months to 12 Months


Feed your baby after 7 M with
2 tbs of Aged Rice&Cashew Baby Cereal with 100ml of milk or water & cook for about 3mins on medium low flame. Stir in between to avoid lumps. Add sweetener or salt, top up with ghee.

Shelf life

Best before 6 months from the date of handcrafting

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Aged rice and Cashew

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Easy on baby's belly

" Aged rice is proven to be digested very easy in your baby's belly. Hence we in India offer Aged rice recipes to pregnant women, lactating women & babies initially when we a simple & comfort food is to be fed"