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Nutreat Saffron- Mongra Kesar

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Sourced direct from the Kashmir Farmer is the extraordinary spice that you can high stimulate your senses with the A1 grade Mongra quality. 

Get the nature's best with the impressive health benefits like

* Antioxidant

* Regulates your mood swings & cholesterol.

* Anti-Cancerous 

* Good hair & immunity

* Induces sleep.




Mongra Saffron

Suitable for

2 years & above.


Infuse in beverage and food for at least 45 mins before consuming to get the best aroma and taste along with a spoonful of milk or water. Crushing saffron threads expedites the infusion

Shelf life

Saffron remains fresh when stored in cool temperatures or refrigerator for about 12-16months.

Allergy Check

Check your family history.

Tastes best with Milk, Desserts or any dishes

Delivered in 4-5 working days

Unmatched A1 Mongra Kesar

" You we know we take the pride of sourcing direct from organic farmers of India, same way this Mongra has come all the way from Pampore, Kashmir with the highest quality & Nutreat promise"