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Ragi Bhog

Make a Chaas or a rich delicious porridge or a pancake or a baby cereal, what ever the recipe may be you are going to fall in love with our rich delicious blend of dry fruits, seeds slow roasted in a motherly earthen pot combined with sprouted, sun dried & stone grounded ragi. Come get one, its your pack of iron, calcium and good amounts of proteins & vitamins. No sinful thoughts. Just indulge in the royal blend of our rich ingredients inspired from Royal recipe of Vijayanagara Dynasty.

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Sprouted ragi, Pumpkin seeds, Rajgira seeds, Cashews, Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Saffron and Eliachi

Suitable for

8months & above


Make Ragi Bhog porridge by cooking 2 tbsp of Ragi Bhog with 200ml water or milk for 3 mins on a medium low flame. Stir in between to avoid lumps. Add salt or sweetener & serve at room temperature.

Shelf life

6 months from the date of handcrafting

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