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Handmade Red rice seed & nut Dosa Premix

Handmade Red rice seed & nut Dosa Premix

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Why always have a regular dosa when we offer the most healthy & tasty dosa handcrafted with the best iron and calcium rich along with protein rich ingredients for you.  We have hidden nuts & seeds that you can even treat your very li'll ones with the best.

"Dosa" When you want something healthy but in a crispy & tasty way, definitely we have a option for you.

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Product Information

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Red rice,Sprouted ragi,Cow peas,Urad dal,Grounded almonds,Pumpkin seeds,Sunflower seeds,Flax seeds,Jeera

How to Use

For one cup of Nutreat dosa mix add 2 cups of water and ferment it till 8 hrs. Add some salt as per taste. Heat the dosa pan and pour the dosa batter and spread into thin dosa, cook till light brown and then flip it. Again cook for 1 min and serve hot. You can even use as instant dosa mix by adding sour buttermilk and use after 30 mins.

Suitable For

7 months & above

Shelf Life

Best before 3 months from the date of handcrafting

Tastes best with

Coconut or Peanut Chutney

Allergy Check

Contains Nuts

Handcrafting Time

1-2 working days for handcrafting (Shipping timelines not included)