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Stone grounded flours/ foods

Nutreat has collaborated with awesome farmers from various parts of India, to support & encourage natural farming & cultivation & has added some value to these natural ingredients by stone grinding. 

Here are few available freshly procured foods direct from these natural & organic farmers for this season.



All ingredients are preservative free & has no added additives. 6-8 months are guaranteed, however if sun dried they remain fresh for whole year.


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Please be informed that this initiative is purely organic & to support natural farmers all over India. 


All are stonegrounded flours of 500g except Honey(700g).


All are sprouted, sun dried, clay pot roasted and then stone grounded.

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Single grained ingredients as per the product name.

Suitable for

6 months and above.


Use as your regular flours.

Shelf life

6 months from the date of handcrafting. However it totally depends on your weather. So storing in refrigerator is advisable if not used immediately.

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Natural Flours/Foods
Something before you buy

Delivered in 7-8 days working days.

Why choose Nutreat stone grounded flours ?

" Our flours are made using our signature 4 step procedure involving sprouting, sun drying, caly pot roasting and then stone grinding which makes them unique for your nutritional requirements"