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Handmade Tsampa- A Bhutan recipe

Handmade Tsampa- A Bhutan recipe

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We've taken inspiration from a traditional Bhutanese recipe and crafted it with care. Tsampa, made from whole barley, is a nutritional powerhouse that brings the taste of the Himalayas to your plate.

Whole barley grains provide you with essential fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making Tsampa a fantastic choice for a balanced diet.

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Sprouted whole barley, Dry Ginger & Wild Turmeric.

How to Use

Add 2tbs of Tsampa to 1 glass of hot milk or water. Mix well and add any sweetener of your choice.

Use Milk for energising yourselves or Water to detoxify.

Suitable For

1 year & above

Shelf Life

9 Months from the date of manufacturing

Tastes best with

Milk and Jaggery

Allergy Check


Handcrafting Time

4-5 working days for handcrafting(Shipping timelines not inluded)

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