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Yogic Meal

Want something crunchy? Here it is my lady, a great meal for lactating mom & pregnant women with jowar flakes, gond, Khus Khus, Almonds, Date & Jaggery. 

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Hand pound Jowar flakes, Almonds, Pistachios, Raisins, Anjeer, Gond, Dates, Elaichi & Jaggery

Suitable for

Above 2 years, Lactating & Pregnant Women.


Take a bowl full Yogic Meal, to it add 200ml of hot or cold milk and rest for about 2-3 mins. If you like it crunchier, you can have it immediately. You can also add fresh fruits when having with cold milk.

Shelf life

6 months from date of handcrafting

Allergy Check

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Something before you buy

Cold Milk and fruits or with Warm Milk.

Delivered in 1-2 days for crafting. (Shipping timeline not included)

"A pure form of the natural ingredients"

On a mid-summer day in conversation with of few yogini's (ISKCON) built this awesome recipe with their knowledge for women who especially vegetarians.