"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back"

and it's true and clearly evident. Though a liner about them is very little you can feel their efforts in each and every tin right from preparation till the instruction call.

-Jyothi Sri Pappu

Nutreat-Furious Women Team

Swetha Noone

Our Wizard of Want, with all her patience she maintains everything needed in-house and all our third parties. A mom of two lill angels she keeps our integrity to the peeks. Pursed her Bachelors degree in Bio-technology from JNTU and made her active presence in Nutreat in 2020.

Nutreat-Furious Women Team

Bhavana K

Soon after her MBA with absolute zero experience she debut into our eco system ;) However we can never match her energy & in-time activities needed by Nutreat. Her procurement style and engaging with makes our jaw dropped all the time.

Nutreat-Furious Women Team

Revathi Ravindra

Meet our Karyartha who carefully handcrafts your Nutreat with the help of rural women and makes your everyday porridge awesome. She had her M.Ed and keeps up her teacher perfection all the time.

Nutreat-Furious Women Team

Prasanna L B

Our cute little creative associate she walks with us while pursuing her Bachelor's degree in IT. You can call her Jr.Jyothi Pappu in creative fields.

Nutreat-Furious Women Team

Reshma D V

Meet our bubbly and rapid Growth Facilitator always with a cute smile on her face. A young talent who never worked for the pay slips though possess an I-MBA degree and put her writing skills to the mark.

Nutreat-Furious Women Team

Teju K

Another fast & furious lady in our gang, definitely some you might have come cross with her during your instruction calls. A B-tech graduate & mom of Junnu is our real person of dependency.

A part from them we have 60+ fullitime rural women associated with us to handcraft Nutreat, who may never appear to you on screens but you can definetly meet them if you visit our Production House-1