Are you passionate about healthy living and crafting nutritious, delicious foods? Join Nutreat, a brand born out of love and care, as we continue to make a positive impact on people's lives through our handcrafted foods. We're not just a food brand; we're a family that believes in promoting wellness and supporting local communities.

Career Opportunities at Nutreat

At Nutreat, we are always on the lookout for individuals who share our enthusiasm for quality, nutrition, and community development. Joining our team means being part of a vibrant and innovative workplace where your skills and ideas can flourish. Here are some of the exciting career opportunities that await you:

  1. Nutritionist: Help us design and develop recipes that cater to the unique dietary needs of our diverse customer base. Your expertise in nutrition will play a pivotal role in our mission to provide healthy and delicious food options.

  2. Product Development: Bring your culinary skills to the forefront by working on creating new products that align with our commitment to quality and taste. Collaborate with our team of experts to craft recipes that stand out.

  3. Marketing and Branding: Join our marketing team and help us spread the Nutreat story far and wide. Contribute to our campaigns that inspire healthy living and community engagement.

  4. Supply Chain Management: Ensure that our commitment to sourcing ingredients directly from farmers and empowering rural women is maintained. Optimize our supply chain for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

  5. Sales and Business Development: Help us expand our reach and make Nutreat products accessible to more people. Explore new markets and partnerships to grow our brand.




  • Winter Internship: Dive into the world of Nutreat during your winter break. Learn about our unique food crafting process, assist in product development, or gain experience in various fields like nutrition, business, and more.

  • Summer Internship: Spend your summer gaining valuable experience at Nutreat. Whether you're an MBA student with a passion for business, a home science enthusiast, a food technology expert, a budding photographer, videographer, or influencer marketer, we welcome your internship application.

Explore Our Extended Internship Opportunities

Photography and Videography Internship: Are you passionate about capturing the beauty of food and telling compelling visual stories? Join Nutreat as a photography or videography intern. Learn the art of food photography and videography, and help us showcase our delicious creations in the most captivating way.

Influencer Marketing Internship: Do you have a flair for social media and a knack for influencer marketing? Join our team to learn how we collaborate with influencers to spread the Nutreat message. Gain experience in creating and managing influencer campaigns that promote healthy living and wellness.

Workshop Facilitation Internship: Are you skilled in conducting workshops on nutrition, cooking, or related topics? Join Nutreat as a workshop facilitation intern and help us educate our community about the importance of healthy eating. Share your knowledge and inspire others to make nutritious choices.

Why Choose Nutreat for Your Extended Internship?

  • Diverse Exposure: Nutreat provides a dynamic learning environment where you can choose from a wide range of internship opportunities to suit your interests and career goals.

  • Hands-on Experience: Our extended internships allow you to immerse yourself in your chosen field, whether it's photography, videography, influencer marketing, or workshop facilitation.

  • Mentorship and Support: We believe in nurturing talent. You'll have access to mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals throughout your internship journey.

  • Contribute to a Purpose: By interning at Nutreat, you'll contribute to our mission of promoting healthy living, community development, and engaging storytelling.

Join the Nutreat Family, Explore Your Passion

Whether you're seeking a career or an internship experience in a specific field, Nutreat welcomes individuals who are passionate about making a difference. Join us in our journey to create nutritious and delicious foods while exploring your interests and talents.

If you're interested in extended internship opportunities at Nutreat, please reach out to us with your resume and a cover letter outlining your passion and aspirations in your chosen field. We look forward to welcoming you to our diverse and dynamic team!


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