With a Mission to Whisk the Sustainable Food Habits of the World

  • Nutreat is now 60+ women strong with a strong belief on our traditional roots that are sustainable for a healthy future of this world. Handcrafting comfort foods with help of rural women of Andhra since 2017 proved that zero- carbon foot print processing is possible in near future.

    Founded in the year 2015 by Jyothi Sri Pappu with a vision "Get back to our roots with a Porridge" Nutreat has first launched 2 porridges for baby & diabetic called "Ukkiri" and "Brown Premix". Currently Nutreat handcrafts 130+ comfort foods for all age groups right from 6th month to 80years + and customized 8000+ recipes according to its customers requirement.

Direct from Farmer

Ensuring the purity Nutreat sources its ingredients direct from the local & small farmers who grow naturally (ZBNF) or organically at the cost they quote without bargaining which are handcrafed with zero preservatives & artificial ingredients.

We at Nutreat to support & promote natural, local farmers (who approach us) develop new recipes for their crop & introduce our customers. Seed and Nut, Ksheera, Nourishia are such recipes developed for natural farming promotion.

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Traditional Processing

Stonegrounding Sathumaavu, Kurukku and Nutri28 in 2017, Nutreat is the first brand in India to recreate our ancient food processing techniques by hand. By incorporating the effective methods of traditional food processing techniques such as sprouting, sun drying and roasting in clay pots, the need for super nutritious food was met for all age groups across India. People realised the difference between machine-made and artisanal foods, which led us to offer another 22 porridges for women and the elderly.

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Comfort foods

Nutreat strongly believes that Porridges are super comfort foods that are suitable for any age group right from 6th month baby. Porridges when handcrafted give best to the body than any other recipe. Learn more why Jyothi Pappu has special love for "Porridge".

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  • Nutreat handcrafts all comfort foods in a small village "Malikipuram" located in green rich Konaseema, Andhra Pradesh. To achieve the goal of serving more people with freshly handcrafted foods faster Nutreat has established its connecting center at Hyderabad, Telangana. Also for the first hand experience first Franchise Porridge experience center was launched at Bangalore, Karnataka. With continuous & rigorous training to the rural women and on site training on selection of ingredients for the products goes as daily activity.

    And this is just the beginning. Crafting its most nutritious recipe yet, Nutreat handcrafts flours, customized recipes, seasonal foods etc. that are consumed in daily life and aims to handcraft in bulk so that every household in India has atleast one pack of Nutreat for real radiant health- that's the future we dream for.