Buying guidance (Choose by Purpose)

To make informed choices, explore our comprehensive buying guide based on different purposes, age groups, dietary considerations, and specific health needs:

1. Baby Collection: Nurturing the Little Ones

  • Stage-1 (6-7 months): Introduce your baby to the world of solids with our gentle porridges and kanji, which are easily digestible and perfect for early weaning.
  • Stage-2 (8-10 months): As your baby grows, transition to more diverse textures and flavors from our range of stage-2 baby foods.
  • Stage-3 (10-12 months): Explore our stage-3 products, designed to meet the evolving nutritional needs of older infants.

2. Fitness Collection: Fuel Your Active Lifestyle

  • Protein-Rich Options: Elevate your workout routine with our high-protein products, ideal for muscle recovery and building strength.
  • Energy Boosters: Maintain your energy levels with our convenient and nutritious energy bars, perfect for on-the-go snacking.

3. Skin and Hair Collection: Enhancing Natural Beauty

  • Collagen Boosters: Support healthy skin and hair from within with our collagen-boosting products.
  • Glowing Skin Blends: Nourish your skin with nutrient-rich blends designed to promote radiance.
  • Hair Strengthening Formulas: Strengthen and beautify your hair with specialized products like Biotin rich.

4. Immunity Collection: Strengthen Your Defenses

  • Morning Consumption: Our immune-boosting products are best consumed in the mornings to kickstart your day with a dose of essential nutrients.

5. Women's Collection: Empowering Women's Health

  • Prenatal & Postnatal Nutrition: Expectant mothers and Pregnant can find specially crafted products to support a healthy pregnancy.
  • Menopause Support: Navigate the menopausal transition with our products tailored to women's changing needs.
  • Hormone Balancing Blends: Promote hormonal balance and overall well-being with our specialized blends.

6. Gut Health Collection: Nourish Your Digestive System

  • Gut-Friendly Options: Support digestive health with our probiotic-rich products and fiber-packed blends.
  • Digestive Aids: Explore supplements and foods designed to aid digestion and soothe the gut.

7. Cancer Support Collection: Nourishment During Recovery

  • Nutrient-Dense Shakes: Complement your cancer treatment with nutrient-dense shakes designed for recovery.
  • Calorie-Dense Choices: Maintain energy levels during treatment with calorie-dense products.
  • Supportive Supplements: Find supplements to address specific nutritional needs during and after cancer treatment.

8. Autism and Nutrition: Tailored for Gluten-Free Needs

  • Gluten-Free Focus: For those with gluten sensitivities or autism, our gluten-free products are customized to meet your dietary requirements.


Age Wise Selection:

  • Consider the age-appropriate stages for baby food, from stage-1 (6-7 months) to stage-3 (10-12 months).
  • Elder individuals (above 60) may prefer lighter porridges or kanji for easier digestion.

Allergy Check:

  • We prioritize your safety. Please review product labels for any allergen information or consult with us directly regarding specific dietary restrictions. 
  • Avoid products that contains Nuts and Seeds if you have severe in-digestion problems.
  • Avoid products that contain wheat is if you are gluten allergic.
  • Avoid products that contain rock sugar, jaggery, saboodana if your are diabetic. 

Nutritional Values:

  • While we don't believe in labelling food as carbs, proteins etc as our ancestors but  you can find detailed nutritional information for each product on their respective product pages.

Making Purposeful Choices with Nutreat

At Nutreat, we believe in eating consciously rather than doubtfully. Our product collections are designed to cater to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that you can make choices aligned with your well-being goals. Explore our purpose-driven collections and embark on your journey to better health with Nutreat today!