Crafting Information

We craft only on your order

Yes, we believe in eating fresh and we care for you. So each & every tin will be crafted only on order, strictly not even a single tin is ready and available even in an emergency. 

How to store/preserve Nutreat ?

As you know we make your Nutreat with zero preservatives & artificial ingredients, So as soon as you receive the parcel empty the contents into the same tin and store at room temperatures. 

What if I use rarely?

When you don't use Nutreat regularly, it's better to store in the refrigerator after emptying the contents into the tin. 

How many days I can store the product?

It's better to consume within 3 weeks after opening the tin,  however as we have sun dried all the ingredients most of the time the product remains fresh for upto 6 months.

Do not store unopened

Never store Nutreat unopened after receiving the products. We recommend emptying the contents & storing them in the same tin or airtight container. 

More details on storage

You can get here

Instruction Call

A personal guidance is our signature care, you will get an instruction call from our care team with in 24hrs after you receive the parcel through which we explain you how to use Nutreat more effectively. (Instructions also mentioned on the tin).

Alternately you can also call us on +91 92430 24633 for instructions.

Recipes with Nutreat

Though we prefer porridge, nevertheless most of the Nutreat recipes are multi-purpose flours, where you can make your own cakes, pancakes, strudels, roti's etc. Here are few ideas that you can get inspired.  

What if I require it urgently

Though we can't promise 24 hours delivery, we have a team that keeps the base ingredients ready like sprouts etc and they can handcraft it for you in 2-3 days depending on the quantity. 

To expedite the shipment, customer will need to pay extra.