5 Handpicked Products: For Your Kids Healthy Weight Gain

5 Handpicked Products: For Your Kids Healthy Weight Gain

We know that ensuring your little ones get the right nutrition for healthy weight gain is a top priority. We at Nutreat, love our baby and kids foods that are crafted with love and care and here we present the handpicked selection of 5 powerhouse products that not only taste amazing but also pack a punch when it comes to nutritional goodness.

1. Ragi Bhog:

The wholesome goodness of ragi along with dried nuts and seeds is packed with essential nutrients. Use it to whip up a delightful porridge that your kiddos will slurp up happily, or get creative and turn it into energy-packed laddoos.


Ragi Bhog


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2. Sathumaavu:

A mix of nutrient-rich grains and pulses, perfect for a versatile range of recipes. From porridge to energy bars, dosa to pancakes this blend is your go-to for a well-rounded nutritional boost.


Sathu Maavu


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3. Porridge Lite:

Light on calories but heavy on nutrition with sprouted ragi as base. This one's a game-changer for weight gain without the guilt. Mix it into your kid's daily routine for a delightful and healthy porridge experience or brownie or paniyaaram.


Porridge Lite


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4. Kurukku:

A powerhouse blend originated from Kerala that's not only great for weight gain but also adds a burst of flavor with variety of sprouts, almonds and misri to your recipes. Pancakes, anyone? This versatile mix is perfect for creating a variety of treats.

How to make a pancake with nutreat


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5. Choco Ragi Almond:

Because who said healthy can't be delicious? This blend combines the goodness of ragi and almonds with the irresistible taste of chocolate. Make it into a luscious porridge or indulge in guilt-free choco-ragi pancakes.


Choco Ragi Almond


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What's fantastic about these products is their multi-purpose use. Get ready to unleash your culinary creativity because with Nutreat, you can transform these into not just porridge but also laddoos, pancakes, and energy bars. The possibilities are endless!

So, why wait? Elevate your child's weight gain journey with these Nutreat wonders. After all, healthy eating should be tasty, fun, and oh-so-nutritious!

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