Before Nutreat Vidhu never slept peacefully

Customer review Nutreat



I'm Vijetha from eluru my daughter is 22months old I'm using nutreat food from 1yr Actually my daughter used to suffer with cold regularly and she is underweight .when I started using this product slowly there is a change in her now she gained weight and she is perfectly healthy and superb active.her daily food includes nutreat which is hand pounded ,sun dried,stone grounded and perfectly healthy n my husband are dentists we choose to give her gud healthy food so we choosed really grateful for jyothigaru and also thankful for her helpers Lakshmi and all others who r dng ths product thank you thank you thank you very much


Hi Jyothi, I'm so grateful for you bcoz my baby is healthy especially during this lockdown we  were really tensed.  Its not that we are praising you but we feel self satisfied, as before Nutreat Vidhu never slept peacefully but now she is healthy & happy just because of Nutreat- Dr.Vijetha

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