As a working mom I am really concerned

I was diagnosed with GDM during pregnancy and I generally avoid packaged food which has more preservatives than nutrients. Then Jyothi came to my rescue and customized protein porridges according to my stage wise requirements all through my pregnancy. This helped me to sail my pregnancy smoothly. The porridges are healthy and tasty and the most important part is those are crafted with utmost love and care with primitive techniques.During that time only I decided that I will introduce my baby to Nutreat foods as those are homemade and crafted the way which I always wanted to do.

I started Nutreat food for my baby and she is really enjoying it. As a working mom I am really concerned about , how I am going to prepare and introduce baby to varieties of foods . But Jyothi has took utmost care and customized baby porridges and included all types of dry fruits,millets,grains... and prepared with different textures so that baby can explore and enjoy all the types.

I recommend to try nutreatlife products to imbibe healthy lifestyle for everyone and especially for kids as they will be introduced to all healthy foods at young age.

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