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5 Porridges to detox yourself naturally

Since ancient periods man has been practising various methods to cleanse their bodies for physical and mental health. Modern times our bodies has been really contaminated with various factors especially with processed foods. However detoxifying our bodies can be one of the holistic way of approach to achieve all our health goals. 

Try out these porridges that can help flushing out the toxins weaving with exercise or yoga.


Sprouted Ragi Porridge : Undoubtedly ragi is a super food which has high insoluble fibre that helps out in deep cleansing of the digestive tract. Having it early in the morning cooked in water is a great kick start for the day. You can also have it along with buttermilk if your probiotic levels are bargaining. 


Sari : Reset your body purity with high fibre rich porridge drink that is made with sprouted Ragi, Wheat, Jowar & Bajra which undisputedly cleanse your body while providing required nutrients for the day. Cooking with water and adding few drops of lemon and honey will pop up your day. It is a great drink even for your lill ones above 7 months. 


Taniya Congee: While toping your body with Vit-B Taniya Congee helps in flushing out your toxic soluble chemicals through Vit-B 12. This is a real quick thumbs up soon after you are unwell or during. However who have been under antibiotics for long time you can just treat yourself with Taniya Congee effortlessly. 


Skinny Kanji: As research shows dietary fibre can increase the expression of detoxifying enzymes in the liver and combats inflammation. When porridges like Skinny Kanji which has high skinned pulses will assure your detoxifying process more easy and smooth. You have this wonderful recipe everyday in the morning especially during summers. 


Sprouted Jowar Porridge:  This ancient grain is seriously a coolant which is loaded with fibre, iron and Vitamin-B1 which intensely cleanses your body that burns your fat. Don't skip this ancient super porridge for radiant glow on your skin.


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