Sun drying

We can see a visual impact of sunbeams and rays on our health. In particular,
Exposure to the sun can be beneficial to reduce the risks of cancer.

Providing vitamin D, makes the bones stronger that builds stamina which helps a person to
be energetic. Even through food processing, Sun drying can give super results to rejuvenate the body. So, the process of sun-drying has been a part of traditional food processing.

* Sun drying is a natural technique of food processing that will drain the correct amount of water to preserve the goods, that will help in preventing the phenomenon of rotting or fungi formation, there is no need for the external harmful chemical preservatives to be of food which we consume.
* The process of sun drying will continue in natural way that would take a little bit extra time to process and in the time of processing it slowly it will enhance the taste of food.
*This process of sun drying will not just pump vitamin D to the food but it also Retains a large amount of nutrients, fibers, vitamins. 
* The amount of heat produced by the sun will kill the bad particles and pests in the food if
they are any.
* The process of drying is actually very easy and this requires minimum effort but gives some
extraordinary results in terms of easiness in process and the health to gain.

At Nutreat all the ingredients directly from farm are hand-picked and sun dried .It ensures the ingredients to stay fresh for longer time, without using preservatives or other additives. This process enhances the natural shelf life of the ingredients as well as the final product. Moreover, heating/roasting in a microwave may cause a little more damage to the raw-ingredients and loss of nutrients.


Every grain that we use, we sprout in many of the recipes not just because they are easily digestible but because the bioavailability of nutrients is more.

*The protein is digestible when we soak & sprout.

*There is significant increase in vitamins like A & B.

*Along with Protein they are also bundles of fiber.

* Significant amounts of minerals are enriched & low calories for sure.

*Building immunity can be very easy with sprouts along with cleansing the body due to chlorophyll.

The sprouted grains are sun dried and then claypot roasted for improving the shelf life which made Nutreat to stand alone product in the market.

Slow roasting

Either it be a claypot or an iron pot you should definitely know which ingredient should be roasted in specific part. We are pioneers in this art we choose (we keep it secret) clay pots & iron pots separately for slow roasting the ingredients which naturally enhances the taste and improves the shelflife.

This will be really a slow process which makes our production days longer for many such recipes like Taniya Congee, Nutri28, Seed & Sprout etc which have more sprouts.

However we rely on this process to increase the shelflife naturally without any preservatives.

Stone grinding

Restoring clean processing techniques which are sustainable in all ways is our mission through handcrafting Nutreat. A stone grinder can give more nutritious foods as well as employment to many rural women.

Technology has improved alot but deprived our health & increased unemployment. Handcrafting could be one way to achieve the goal of eating right.

When man started processing his food in Neolithic age he used to grind rhizomes, grains, etc and made porridges out of it. Later till 150 years we still had the habit of handcrafting the foods & enjoyed a good health as stone grinding retains 68-82% of nutrient value intact when compared to machine made which is only 12-14%.

We aim to restore such kind of processing techniques which are helpful either ways, the one who process and the one who have it.