Tips for Better Customisation

Enjoy the process of customizing your own health premix according to your preferences with these expert tips.


Select your texture right
Your texture defines your recipe, just check your mind what it is wanting for you today to customize and then choose your perfect base for that texture. Keep in mind there is no right and wrong grain as a base. Enjoy the freedom.

Select your Add-ons accordingly
For this you don’t need to do Home science or be a masterchef. You simply choose your favorite Add-on that you feel right with your base. We will make it sure that it tastes yumm.

Select Nuts & Seeds
Crunchy or ground, Nuts & seeds are definitely the game changers in any recipe. Go ahead choose your choice of nuts & seeds after all it’s your own recipe and you know what exactly you want.

Select your spice & tastener
Not a compulsion but close your eyes & listen to your heart. What did it say? Is it Sweet? Or Savory? Choose it….. We promise a great delight with our unique blends.

  • Smooth Flour

    Nutreat smooth textured products can be used to make soft roti, pancakes, porridges, cookies or cakes. Go ahead and make some awesome stuff to enjoy your

  • Fine Texture

    With Nutreat fine you can make yum baby cereals, Dosa, Paniyaaram, Puttu and many more as per your creativity. Enjoy the feel of freedom.

  • Regular Texture

    Regular texture is more or less like your Sooji which is handcrafted to make delicious Kichadi ,Upma, Pongal or Kheer recipes and it will be unlimited with your creative mind.