Collection: Everyday Care

Ditch the empty calories, embrace wholesome goodness. Nutreat Everyday Care Porridges are a collection of delicious and nutritious breakfast blends crafted with only locally sourced ingredients from India. We use a unique combination of whole grains like millets and ancient rice varieties, known for their superior nutritional profile. These powerhouses are then combined with protein-packed nuts and pulses, and a touch of aromatic spices to create a breakfast that fuels your body, not just fills it.

  • Locally Sourced, Powerhouse Packed: We source our wholesome grains directly from Indian farms, ensuring freshness and supporting local communities.
  • Ancient Grains, Modern Nutrition: Millets and ancient rice varieties are the heart of our porridges. These nutrient-dense grains are naturally gluten-free and provide sustained energy, unlike refined grains that leave you feeling sluggish.
  • Plant-Powered Protein: Nuts and pulses add a satisfying dose of protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Spice Up Your Health: Aromatic spices not only enhance the flavor but also boast additional health benefits.