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Nutreat Nurtures

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Inspired by the goodness of nature to nurture your body completely and boost your Collagen to  deal with obesity, dull skin, low bone density, osteoporosis, heart diseases, hair fall, brittle nails, arthritis, iron and calcium deficiency, vitamin B,D-deficiency, low muscle strength, leaky gut, early grey hair is handcrafted with the best from the nature.


Turmeric, Cocoa, Amla, Flax seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds,Chia seeds, Almonds, Pistachios, Black rice, Jowar, Bajra, Red rice, Ragi, Raisins, Lemon zest, Orange zest, Makhana, Sesame seeds, Apricot, Cranberry & Anjeer

Suitable for

5 years & above


Just have 1 tbsp of Nurtures and make your busy day healthy

Shelf life

6 months from the date of handcrafting

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A nature's natural boost

" A single shot recipe inspired by man's physical requirement after 30's for being better naturally. Your collagen booster for all your age-wise needs"

Nutritional Facts

Handground foods preserve 60% - 80% of nutritional value intact (while Modern machine processed foods can hold upto 12% - 18%)